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Review Networks

The Application Layer is used to support :

 Files services, store ,move ,retrieve and control use.

 Print services, sent data to network and local printers.

 Message services ,transport video,graphics ,auido and text data vi the network.

Application services ,process application .

Database services.setup services so computer can  have use od the network files and data.

Suppose your computer telephony (CT) application is being used in a business where the volume of telephone traffic requires a private branch exchange (PBX), but the PBX isn't in your solution's configuration. Your customer could be losing valuable business information and you could be missing a significant business opportunity.

The signals sent between a PBX and its manufacturer's digital phones, known as station sets, contain valuable information that is good for more than just interaction with the station set. This information can significantly enhance CT applications with features that effectively control such elements as calling and called number identification.

Windows Vista includes significant innovations in networking technologies, including: 

bulletStreamlined user interface
bulletA high-performance, auto-tuning TCP/IP stack
bulletIntegrated support for both IPv4 and IPv6
bulletEnd-to-end security solutions
bulletNetwork diagnostics
bulletManageability features such as policy-based Quality of Service, Windows Firewall with IPsec integration, and wireless network configuration
bulletTroubleshoot Win-XP and the Boot process.BIOS and BIOS and 64bit

 Windows Vista

Due to recent concerns over the impending depletion of the current pool of Internet addresses and the desire to provide additional functionality for modern devices, an upgrade of the current version of the Internet Protocol (IP), called IPv4, is has been standardized. This new version, called IP version 6 (IPv6), resolves unanticipated IPv4 design issues and takes the Internet into the 21st Century.

Computers capable of running Windows Vista are classified as Vista Capable and Vista Premium Ready. A Vista Capable or equivalent PC is capable of running all editions of Windows Vista although some of the special features and high end graphics options may require additional or more advanced hardware. A Vista Premium Ready PC can take advantage of Vista's "high-end" features. These two classifications are on the low side and may be insufficient for adequate speed and responsiveness; a third column describes Recommended system requirements.


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