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This is the place for memory for both Pc and Mac.

To build a Computer.

Have the parts needed, the  power supply case, motherboard, cpu,memory ,hard drive ,and other drives a long with any expansion cards that are need. you will need a copy of the operation system and the product key if need.The work area should be clean with space for you to begin to put the computer together. If you have a box motherboard and a box cpu  the cables and the heat sink will come with them.You will place the cpu in the cpu socket ,lock the cpu in place ,then place the heat sink with the heat sink strip on top of the cpu, Next secure the heat sink to the cpu and motherboard. Connect the motheboard to the case useing the motherboard stances., place the memory in the memory slots. connect the power supply to the case and the power connectors to the motherboard and the drives. plug the power cord in to the power supply and   plug the ac plug into a power strip that is connected to an ac outlet. Then connect the computer to a monitor plug the monitor in and turn  computer and the monitor on, the computer should complete the hard ware part of the post test . If the post is good the the computer will ask for the operation system.Computer Operating Systems. then you need to follow the instructions for that operating system. this web site gives general information  on products and services its is the responsibility of the user to to follow safe practices when working with any electric equipment or parts.

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