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Tracking Activity on Our Web Site 
Information We Collect When You Register 
Information We Collect After You Have Registered 

How We Use Personal Information 
How We Use Your E-mail Address

Setting Your Cookie Preferences

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When you browse and have not 
registered for any online service from B & I SNOWDEN , you browse anonymously. Personally 
identifiable information—such as your name, 
address, phone number, and e-mail address—is not 
collected as you browse. 
However, we track how our site is used by both 
anonymous visitors and our registered customers. 
One way we track is by using a small string of 
text that is sent to your browser known as a 
"cookie." Cookies collect information that 
includes the server your computer is logged onto, 
your browser type (for example, Netscape or 
Internet Explorer), and whether you responded to 
an ad banner ad from outside our 
site or through an e-mail link. A cookie cannot 
retrieve any other data from your hard drive, pass 
on computer viruses, or capture your e-mail 
address or any other personally identifiable 
information. Please note that accepting cookies is 
required if you want to view personal or 
confidential information online, because they are 
essential for site administration and security. If 
you would like to learn more about setting your 
cookie preferences, click here. 
Another way we track site activity is by using 
transparent electronic images called "clear GIFs," 
"Web bugs," or "Web beacons" on Web pages. These images count 
the number of users who visit that page from 
specific banner ads outside or 
through e-mail links. A similar image, sometimes 
called a "Spotlight Tag," is used on Web pages where transactions 
take place. The Tag collects numeric information, 
such as the dollar amount of an online purchase, 
to help us understand usage of the site. We do not 
use any of these electronic images to collect 
personally identifiable information. 
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When you become a registered user on our site, you 
provide us with personal information such as your 
e-mail address and your Card account number. 
Becoming a registered user enables you to review 
confidential account information for the 
service(s) that you are enrolled in, and perform 
other confidential transactions. 
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B & I SNOWDEN collects the following 
information after you have registered with us for 
an online product or service: 
Your usage of 
Your usage of the B & I SNOWDEN online 
service in which you are enrolled. 
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Once you've become a registered user, we use this information 
to deliver products and services you enroll in, 
and to process transactions you conduct on our 
website. We also use it, together with information 
we have about you as an B & I SNOWDEN customer, 
publicly available information, and preferences 
you indicate, to customize your online experience 
and to provide you with more relevant online and 
offline offers and updates.
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We may use your e-mail address to send you the 
following types of e-mail messages: 
Occasional updates about our products and 
services as well as B & I SNOWDEN marketing 
Regularly scheduled e-mail newsletters related 
to the B & I SNOWDEN products or services you 
are enrolled in. 
Valuable offers from our business partners that 
we send you on their behalf. For examples of 
these offers, please visit the B & I SNOWDEN 
Offer Zone 
Service notifications related to your 
You can also signup to receive the following types 
of e-mail messages from us: 
Optional B & I SNOWDEN e-mail newsletters. We 
occasionally invite customers to signup for 
these newsletters via e-mail or other 
communications, and we also post signup forms on 
the bisnowden site. 
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Site includes an option to receive e-mail 
notifications when your monthly newsLETTERS are 
available to view online. 
You may decline to receive e-mail offers from 
We do not share your e-mail address with other 
companies for them to market their products or 
services to you. When we hire vendors to deliver 
e-mails to you on our behalf, they cannot use your 
e-mail address for any other purpose. 
To make our e-mail offers more relevant to you, we 
may use information you provided in your initial 
transaction with us, in surveys, from information 
we have about you as an B & I SNOWDEN customer 
— such as purchasing preferences or lifestyle — 
and information available from external sources 
such as census bureau data. 
When we send e-mail to you, we may be able to 
identify information about your e-mail address, 
such as whether you can view graphic-rich HTML 
e-mail. If your e-mail address is HTML-enabled, we 
may choose to send you graphic-rich HTML e-mail 
These e-mail messages may contain "clear GIFs" or 
"Web beacons" to measure the offer's effectiveness 
so we know how to serve you better. We do not 
collect personally identifiable information 
through "clear GIFs" or "Web beacons." 
You may also receive e-mail offers from another 
company for products and services 
if you have actively requested that the company 
send you offers from its partners and/or 
advertisers. B & I SNOWDEN does not provide 
these companies with personal information about 
you. To decline offers from other companies who 
may send offers on our behalf, follow the 
instructions provided by that company. 
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You can adjust your computer browser settings so 
that you are informed when a cookie is being 
placed in your browser. You can also set your 
browser to decline or accept all cookies. However, 
you must accept cookies if you need to access 
American Express site pages that enable you to 
review or use your confidential account 
information. These cookies are essential for site 
administration and security.  
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B & I SNOWDEN inc.allow other companies to place 
their banner ads on our Web sites and to perform 
tracking and reporting activities ("third-party 
advertisement servers"). They may collect 
personally identifiable information in doing this 
work . and we do not give any personally 
identifiable information to them. 
Third-party advertisement servers are subject to 
their own privacy policies. If you would like more 
information about the privacy policies of these 
third-party advertisement servers, including 
information on how to opt out of their tracking 
methods, please click on the link for the third-party 
Advertising Web site and view the privacy policy of that site.. 

We do not knowingly solicit data online from or 
market online to children under the age of 13. 
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View Corporate Entities and Important Disclosures, 
Web Site Rules and Regulations, Trademarks and 
Privacy Statement. . Users of 
this site agree to be bound by the terms of the 
bisnowden Web Site Rules and Regulations. 


   Bisnowden,3330 Adeline st. Berkeley,Ca94703 or send to Tele 510-595-1332
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Last modified: July 07, 2011