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The Power On Self Test

When an Intel base computer is power on the computer checks it self out. The power to the computer is AC and the computer power supply will convert this to DC.For an AT power supply the dc volts will be +12,-12 ,+5 and -5. for an ATX power suppy there is also +3.3 volts.The check is for power good if the power is good then the motherboard will receive the correct volts and the cpu ,bios,memory and other motherboard components will run a self test on themself.If the hardware check out good, then the system will give one  beep .The one beep means that the hardware part of the post is done. The operating system(OS) will be look for by calling bootloader if a bootable drive is found, then the OS will be load.If no bootable drive is found, you will get on the screen no bootable drive found please insert system disk or boot disk.    

Computer Operating Systems OR Understanding Computers

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