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This pageis intended as an introductory course on creating Web pages.  The objectives of this course are: to teach the fundamentals of developing Web pages using HTML; to acquaint students with the XHTML guidelines; to show students how to create Web pages suitable for course work, professional purposes, and personal use; to expose students to common Web page formats and functions; to promote curiosity and independent exploration of World Wide Web resources; to develop an exercise-oriented approach that allows students to learn by example; to encourage independent study .

Web pages are formatted by use of html tags. Each pages has an opening tag <html> and a closing tag </html>. This course is design to teach a person how to use HTML to build web pages for a web site. The course is setup by projects. Each project will gave the student a better understanding of how to build a website.

Project 1: Will explain how the internet  works, and how to plan for building your own website. Project1

Project 2 : Will be the start of learn the coding for building the first web site. Project2

Project 3: Will advance your knowledge of web building with HTML.Project3

Project 4 : Will teach you how to link pages in your website and setup graphics.Project4

Project 5 :You will create an Image Map.Project5

Project 6 :This project is on using  Frames for web pages.Project6

Project 7:  Will teach you how to create a form to use on your web site.Project7

Project 8  Creating Style sheets.Project8

Project 9  Integrating JavaScript  and HTML .Project9

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