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Windows XP Setup

During the setup process you will be asked for some information. Be sure to have the following:

bulletWindows XP Professional CD:  The CD is inside the Windows XP folder.
bulletProduct Key:  You can find the Product Key on the back of the Windows XP folder.
bulletPen or pencil:  You may want to write down settings and other important information.
bulletInternet information:  If you plan to connect to the Internet, you may need to provide some more information. You can configure your settings during the setup process or you can postpone this until after Windows XP is set up.

If you received an offer for a new Internet account when you purchased your computer, or if you already have an Internet account, you should contact your Internet service provider (ISP) for this information.
bulletNetwork Information:  If your computer currently is connected to a network, get the following information before you run Setup:

bulletName of your computer.
bulletName of the workgroup or domain.
bulletIf your computer is a member of a domain, you will also need your domain user name and password.
bulletTCP/IP address (if your network doesn’t have a DHCP server).

Before you start, you may also want to consult:

bulletThe Read1st.txt file on the Windows XP CD.

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Last modified: July 07, 2011